Last Stop on the Pain Train…

“I wanted to die…I just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up,” the Viet Nam vet said, as his voice cracked and eyes filled with tears. It still shocks me when I hear those words come from someone with chronic pain…though I have heard it enough over the years that I should be […]

The Best Break-Up Ever

stress break up funny

Don’t you just LOVE that feeling of walking on eggshells when you’re around your stressed-out partner? And that dread you feel when you look at your always-growing to-do list? How about the heartburn or headaches you get a couple times a week (or more)? Yeah, I didn’t think so…me neither. Did you know that an estimated 80% […]

Finding Inner Peace With One Simple Mind “Trick”


CRASH! “Mumble mumble…” (that wasn’t exactly what I uttered when I knocked the glass to the tile floor with my elbow, but you get the gist). “So this is how my week is going to start…bring it!” I thought, as 7am Monday morning greeted me with shards of glass on my kitchen floor. Immediately I […]

10 Things To Ask Yourself To Make Exercise More Enjoyable


Do you remember the old LIFE cereal commercial with Mikey, the kid who “hates everything”? His brothers said that LIFE is “good for you”, and do you recall their reaction? They assumed it would taste bad! And what happened when Mikey tried it? He liked it! (Thus the famous tag-line “Hey Mikey!”) What was the reaction of […]

A Cancer Survivor, On Brittany Maynard’s Death

cancer post

Amidst all the controversy regarding the Brittany Maynard story is a girl who is fearful. She has a fear of speaking her opinion about the story because it’s likely not one that everyone shares. Yet, it’s one that she feels may speak to someone today, and so she shares. This is my story. No, mine […]

Eat The Marshmallow Already: Delaying Gratification (A Review of “The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control”)


My son is a choco-holic. Like, to the point of obsession. If he isn’t allowed to have some type of chocolate at some point in the day (even just a few chocolate chips sprinkled on his waffle in the morning, since they fit so perfectly into the little squares), he feels robbed of his basic human […]

Feeling Lost?


If there’s one thing I feel goes unspoken among those who know me well, it’s this…when it comes to book smarts, I’ve got ’em. Degrees with honors, 100% on multiple certification exams, a solid understanding of the human body and mind based on 6000+ hours of training and 25+ years of experience. BUT…common sense? Not […]