Last Stop on the Pain Train…

“I wanted to die…I just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up,” the Viet Nam vet said, as his voice cracked and eyes filled with tears. It still shocks me when I hear those words come from someone with chronic pain…though I have heard it enough over the years that I should be […]

The Best Break-Up Ever

stress break up funny

Don’t you just LOVE that feeling of walking on eggshells when you’re around your stressed-out partner? And that dread you feel when you look at your always-growing to-do list? How about the heartburn or headaches you get a couple times a week (or more)? Yeah, I didn’t think so…me neither. Did you know that an estimated 80% […]

Taste of Renewal Tele-Class

photo, just a bite

Join me to learn more about the next FYB Renewal Program (starting on February 12th)…now FIVE weeks instead of four, but for the SAME PRICE! Get an extra week jam-packed full of stress-reducing tips, group discussion, techniques, laughter, surveys, practice sessions, assessments, videos and audios! Want just a taste??? MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9th 6:30pm EST In […]

Renewal Program 2015


New Year, New You: Renewed Mind, Body, Spirit, & Home Click the link below to watch a video about this revolutionary 4-week program that will help you make 2015 your best year ever! Give the gift of renewal to yourself or someone you love (FREE gift wrap and gift certificate included if purchasing for someone else) Just $200 […]

Finding Inner Peace With One Simple Mind “Trick”


CRASH! “Mumble mumble…” (that wasn’t exactly what I uttered when I knocked the glass to the tile floor with my elbow, but you get the gist). “So this is how my week is going to start…bring it!” I thought, as 7am Monday morning greeted me with shards of glass on my kitchen floor. Immediately I […]

12 Things To Do Today To Create Joy


Just think of how many choices you make in a day: you choose what clothes to wear (sexy dress or Mom jeans…hmmm…)… what food to put in your body (trust me, body, you’ll thank me for choosing spinach instead of ice cream someday)… what music to listen to (when in doubt, disco never lets me […]

Fall: This Way to Better Health

arrow made of leaves

This time of year is one of transition…summer to fall, warm temperatures to cool, shedding layers to adding them (and often, shedding them again mid-day…adding them again in the evening…it’s almost exhausting just thinking about all of the wardrobe changes that could go on in a 24-hour period!). This is the time of year when I […]

What Does Your Home Say About You?


You know that feeling…the one when you walk in the door to your home for the first time since you did a deep cleaning, & it smells like whatever seasonal fragrance you’re using at the moment, the floors are so bright, the sun dances off them, the colors in your decor palette seem extra-bold, and […]

What Taylor taught me about self-image

Taylor performing

This is probably what you think of when you think of Taylor Swift…she’s on stage, she’s whipping her hair around (she does that because she’s trying to cool herself off, by the way…insider information from yours truly. LOL), she’s dancing up a storm…she’s a gorgeous, young, fiery ball of energy. When I started working with […]

We’re All In This Together!

31 days to quiet the voices

Welcome! I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind, and the role it plays in our physical well-being. Stress can be tackled in so many ways, but I find that when we begin with the things we say to ourselves, the job becomes much less daunting. Day 1: We’re All In This Together! […]