Taste of Renewal Tele-Class

photo, just a bite

Join me to learn more about the next FYB Renewal Program (starting on February 12th)…now FIVE weeks instead of four, but for the SAME PRICE! Get an extra week jam-packed full of stress-reducing tips, group discussion, techniques, laughter, surveys, practice sessions, assessments, videos and audios! Want just a taste??? MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9th 6:30pm EST In […]

Gratitude Giveaway! Win a FREE Month of Stress Management With Debra!

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To express my thanks for you, the supporters of FYB, family, friends, graduates…I am giving away a FREE month of stress management services and products. The winner will receive an initial assessment by phone or face-to-face, 4 individualized sessions (60-75 minutes each), videos & audios to support your needs (yoga, relaxation, breathing techniques, etc.), a BalanceBall, […]

Feeling Lost?


If there’s one thing I feel goes unspoken among those who know me well, it’s this…when it comes to book smarts, I’ve got ’em. Degrees with honors, 100% on multiple certification exams, a solid understanding of the human body and mind based on 6000+ hours of training and 25+ years of experience. BUT…common sense? Not […]

What Does Your Home Say About You?


You know that feeling…the one when you walk in the door to your home for the first time since you did a deep cleaning, & it smells like whatever seasonal fragrance you’re using at the moment, the floors are so bright, the sun dances off them, the colors in your decor palette seem extra-bold, and […]

Taking Care of Your Needs, Without “Lion” to Yourself


Last year, I was fortunate enough to discover The Wild Animal Sanctuary, a place in Colorado in which animals (carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears…oh my!) are rescued, often from misinformed people who attempt to keep such animals as pets. I just have to pause here to say…SERIOUSLY??? I can’t help but envision a group […]

We’re All In This Together!

31 days to quiet the voices

Welcome! I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind, and the role it plays in our physical well-being. Stress can be tackled in so many ways, but I find that when we begin with the things we say to ourselves, the job becomes much less daunting. Day 1: We’re All In This Together! […]