Death By Voodoo: Is It Really Possible?


“So doctor…what was it that killed her?” the woman asked between sobs, clinging to her husband. “I’m afraid it was voodoo.” She gasped. “You mean the Haitian religion based on rituals dating back to the 18th century?” “No ma’am…Voodoo…as in doughnuts. She choked on one. See that little bit of jelly on her chin?” That […]

Feeling Lost?


If there’s one thing I feel goes unspoken among those who know me well, it’s this…when it comes to book smarts, I’ve got ’em. Degrees with honors, 100% on multiple certification exams, a solid understanding of the human body and mind based on 6000+ hours of training and 25+ years of experience. BUT…common sense? Not […]

Superheroes, Comedians, & Yogis

Seinfeld & Superman

(You’re right…that DOES sound like the name of a country band)  Demanding people (I call them “ the demanders”, since it sounds like a rogue team of bossy villains laughing maniacally. Then again, my imagination is a vivid one). I encounter the demanders more often than you’d think, in real life, not just my imagination—in […]

We’re All In This Together!

31 days to quiet the voices

Welcome! I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind, and the role it plays in our physical well-being. Stress can be tackled in so many ways, but I find that when we begin with the things we say to ourselves, the job becomes much less daunting. Day 1: We’re All In This Together! […]