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The “new” FYB for a “new” YOU!
(or someone you love)

 As a student or graduate of FYB, you probably know that my life has been pretty…well…chock-full of unexpected “traumas & dramas” (OK, let’s be honest…when are they EVER expected?!). The question I ALWAYS seem to get from those who know me is “How do you manage to keep it together? I would never know what you’ve been through [or are going through, as the case has sometimes been].” Well, it’s time…after everything I’ve been through, I’m no longer holding back…I’m sharing it all with you.

It’s time for a raw, real look into what I’ve learned on my journey. It’s time for YOU to honestly assess where you are on your own journey. It’s time for you to feel COMPELLED to get the life you have always dreamed about. 

So pour yourself a cup of tea, settle in, and let’s talk coping skills…from time management to relationships to your own self-care. Here’s a 9-page “cheat sheet” just for you:

 Time Management & Organization, email

 Live your best life, with less effort and anxiety,
& more time and income potential!

  • Does it seem like no matter how much you work, you hit an income “ceiling”?
  • Do you battle to complete tasks throughout the day?
  • Are you craving more time to enjoy life?
  • Are your work and/or personal relationships deteriorating?
  • Do you feel the effects of stress mentally and/or physically?
  • Does your life seem like a never-ending anxiety roller-coaster?

One “yes” is too many!



P.S. Maybe you’re already living your best life, running your own successful business, and managing your stress with ease and grace…if so, that’s awesome! But maybe you read the above bullet points, thinking, “Oh, that is SO my spouse!” or “Wow, my friend who dreads getting up on Monday mornings would totally agree with some of these.”
Share the love, friends! Let’s make the world a more peaceful place! (This is the part where we all hold hands & sing “Kumbaya”! LOL)

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