Fall: This Way to Better Health

arrow made of leaves

This time of year is one of transition…summer to fall, warm temperatures to cool, shedding layers to adding them (and often, shedding them again mid-day…adding them again in the evening…it’s almost exhausting just thinking about all of the wardrobe changes that could go on in a 24-hour period!). This is the time of year when I […]

Let It Go…And This Is Not A Post About “Frozen”

Katy Perry pink extensions

A peek inside my brain as a student during a group yoga class: “I wonder how I would look with colored extensions in my hair?” “Seriously, you could never pull that off!” “That is a cute pair of yoga pants…I wonder where she got them.” “Are you kidding? You could never wear those with those hips.” […]

Superheroes, Comedians, & Yogis

Seinfeld & Superman

(You’re right…that DOES sound like the name of a country band)  Demanding people (I call them “ the demanders”, since it sounds like a rogue team of bossy villains laughing maniacally. Then again, my imagination is a vivid one). I encounter the demanders more often than you’d think, in real life, not just my imagination—in […]

How To Relax Even If You Can’t Sit Still For 5 Minutes

FB profile pic, Summerfest

There’s nothing worse than someone using your own words back at you (well, perhaps world hunger, but that’s another blog entirely). So when I called my mother yesterday and complained about needing to relax, she said, “Wait, wasn’t that what your last tele-class was about? Why don’t you do some of the things you talked […]