Feeling Lost?


If there’s one thing I feel goes unspoken among those who know me well, it’s this…when it comes to book smarts, I’ve got ’em. Degrees with honors, 100% on multiple certification exams, a solid understanding of the human body and mind based on 6000+ hours of training and 25+ years of experience. BUT…common sense? Not […]

Allow Yourself Some Grace


OK, I’ll just admit it…this 31-day challenge is really kicking my butt. I LOVE to write (almost as much as I love to talk…so for those of you who know me personally, that’s a lot, right?!)…but having committed to do it EVERY DAY for 31 days has proven challenging. Thus the word “challenge”, I suppose…maybe […]

It’s About Time


“I just don’t have time!” How many times have you caught yourself saying this? If you’re anything like me, more than you care to admit. My 8-year-old gauges his time in what I call “Minecraft minutes”. He earns screen time (for tv or, his preferred screen time of choice, Minecraft) with movement…for each minute of […]

12 Things To Do Today To Create Joy


Just think of how many choices you make in a day: you choose what clothes to wear (sexy dress or Mom jeans…hmmm…)… what food to put in your body (trust me, body, you’ll thank me for choosing spinach instead of ice cream someday)… what music to listen to (when in doubt, disco never lets me […]

Fall: This Way to Better Health

arrow made of leaves

This time of year is one of transition…summer to fall, warm temperatures to cool, shedding layers to adding them (and often, shedding them again mid-day…adding them again in the evening…it’s almost exhausting just thinking about all of the wardrobe changes that could go on in a 24-hour period!). This is the time of year when I […]