Truly, ANYONE can do yoga & Pilates


What are you staring at? You don’t do Pilates first thing every morning?
Lying on top of someone?
Clearly cats are far superior to humans.
Excuse me while I return to my hundreds.

cat doing hundredsWhat about us dogs, huh? We totally get yoga. I mean, we have to, because we have lots of energy, and we get really excited to see our people, and we chase our tails, and we…we…aw man, I have to pee!!!






This post is…yeah, I’m just gonna say it…unBEARable. Life is about balance…dogs and cats should live peacefully together. You’re both lucky I gave up eating meat when I connected to my higher chakras.

bear in boat pose


Hold on a second, all of you! This is stressing me out.
I think the whole point of this post is that ANYONE
can do yoga and Pilates, isn’t it? Do we have to argue
about which species does them best? I just…I just
don’t know…I’m feeling…give me a minute. I need
to go inward and feel my feelings.

giraffe wide-leg forward foldENOUGH! Obviously all of us mammals can do this…and I think I’ve even seen some reptiles do some mighty fine twists. Can I just add that it’s not always easy? That some of us have to be disciplined to get onto our mats every day? But we do it…because we know the benefits. My core has never felt better (and the ladies have noticed too…rawr!). I am centered, and can find my peaceful place more easily. But dang, let’s just do it already!
polar bear Pilates

This post is part of the FYB “31 Days to Quiet the Voices in Your Head” series.
Read more about it HERE.

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