Allow Yourself Some Grace


OK, I’ll just admit it…this 31-day challenge is really kicking my butt. I LOVE to write (almost as much as I love to talk…so for those of you who know me personally, that’s a lot, right?!)…but having committed to do it EVERY DAY for 31 days has proven challenging. Thus the word “challenge”, I suppose…maybe that should have tipped me off?!

Today I have gotten in front of my computer a couple times & the words have just not come. I don’t want to just churn out something for the sake of writing something…anything. First of all, I’m too much of a perfectionist…and second, I really want to help people, which is why I chose this career path.

So, here’s my advice today…and it’s something I’m taking to heart as well.

Give yourself some grace.



There are going to be days when you just don’t have it in you…when all you want to do is take a day off…and self-care is going to have to take priority over other things, or you won’t have anything left to give.

It is, indeed, a mental shift from what we typically say to ourselves, isn’t it? But you have probably said it to someone close to you before, when you see that they are close to burnout.

So here’s your “free pass”. Take it. Use it when you need it…without guilt. That’s what I’m doing today.

And I believe that tomorrow, having done so will make me all the better.

  This post is part of the FYB “31 Days to Quiet the Voices in Your Head” series.
Read more about it HERE.

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